The high level of professionals of the CNA group and a great concern for every detail in the manufacture are a guarantee of quality. CNA under all its brands, has received certifications of manufacturing processes (ISO 9001) and product (CCA*) that guarantee our technology and quality. But there is something even better. A quality award that we receive every day: the satisfaction of our customers.

*Cenelec Certificate Agreement.


CATA ELECTRODOMÉSTICOS, SL aims to manufacture products that meet the needs of the market and its customers, promoting the "Continuous Improvement" of all its processes and is absolutely committed to improving its quality system by developing a policy and measurable and consistent objectives with the satisfaction of the Clients and the needs and expectations of the interested parties. The results obtained in each of its products in terms of Product Reliability, Benefits and Process Improvement are the result of the daily work of each of our employees under the concept of Quality in the realization of the product for the Client.


Cata Electrodomésticos SL is committed to complying with all the legal and regulatory regulations applicable to the manufacture and operation of its products, as well as all those requirements requested by its customers.


All the activities of the company are carried out in a way that avoids any kind of illegal or irresponsible behavior of those who work in the name or on behalf of CATA ELECTRODOMÉSTICOS, SL. In this same line all the company's suppliers are involved.




In our hands as an organization we provide sustainability to our manufacturing processes. The effects of climate change affect us all and, therefore, we all play a relevant role in achieving efficient energy consumption. We apply improvements in the whole process of our business model, we pursue the entire product cycle, from the procurement of materials, to the production processes, its operation in store, as well as the end of life of our appliances.

We are involved to reduce emissions and the generation of waste, we provide infrastructure for waste management (WEEE).

We create efficient products with maximum A+++ energy values through the integration of new technologies. We are constantly improving our supply chain, our factories and associated suppliers must meet minimum requirements in the management of chemical products if they wish to work with us. We make sure that they meet our standards through audits, improvement plans and technical training sessions.


Thanks to the work carried out by the R&D team in our laboratories at the CNA Group facilities, we have managed to reduce the energy consumption of our appliances.
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We make voluntary agreements to reduce CO2 emissions. Among our collaborators we distribute our ethical code for international suppliers.

All the components of our products (engine, LED lighting, filters, etc.) make them the most competitive models of energy consumption in the market. We launch products so efficient that they mean an important saving in the electric bill year after year.


We design with the Eco-design methodology. We evaluate the useful life of the product and we look at each step of the product process by putting care in the selection of materials and combining the respectful criteria in the packaging.


Recycling is an activity of our time, it is a fundamental part of our routines and we put it into practice in its different forms. Being aware of the useful life of the product, we follow the transport process and subsequent recycling.

We are part of different organizations aimed at improving our processes as producers: Fundación Ecolec, in collaboration with the different agents of the sector, we are committed to the research and development of new techniques and processes for the treatment and recycling of materials derived from electrical and electronic equipment, batteries and accumulators.

ANFEL, as a company affiliated with the national association of manufacturers and importers of household appliances, strives to efficiently and respectfully manage the common interests of the associated entities that interact with other organizations.

FAPE, we are partners of the Spanish association of manufacturers of small household appliances that as fundamental values sustain sustainability. Being part of these organizations allows us to continue pursuing our environmental commitment a little farther.

We want to close the complete life cycle (close the loop), and efficiency for our appliances, avoiding in this way that none end up in a dumping site.

Commitment to Workers

We are focused on consolidating a culture oriented to the human team, which encourages teamwork, seeking the motivation and self-fulfillment of our employees.

A commitment focused on its integral development within our company, both professionally and humanly, offering security, stability, quality of life, training and opportunities for improvement, within a work environment respectful of diversity and equality of opportunitie.

Our basic values are transparency and internal communication between all levels of the organization, an adequate balance between work, family and leisure, a training policy and fair wages with equal opportunities and responsible hiring processes, which seek the development of the position and of the person.

Our strategy in the team of human resources is integrated in the global strategy of the company; it is based on favoring the personal and professional development of our workers, promoting the values and ethical and cultural principles of the organization and ensuring strict compliance with the labor legislation and internal regulations.

To carry out this management policy, in CNA Group we have a Human Resources Department whose main objective is to promote and improve the efficient and productive performance of the personnel to the company, so that they are responsible from a strategic, ethical and social point of view.

Likewise, its mission is to provide the necessary means that allow the people working in it to achieve their individual objectives, keeping people in the organization working and giving the maximum of themselves, with a positive and favorable attitude.